​365 Commissary Kitchen


365 Commissary Kitchen offers commercial kitchens for rent by the hour on an ongoing monthly basis, and while available, Walk-Up Window Restaurants for lease.  

The hourly commercial kitchens are ideal for food entrepreneurs, wholesale food producers, restaurant overflow prep, catering companies, food trucks, meal delivery companies, etc.

The Walk-Up Window Restaurants are semi-private fully-equipped brick and mortars. The setting is similar to a food court setting but with outdoor seating rather than indoor seating. The Walk-Up Window Restaurants are ideal for companies that would like to combine selling directly to customers through the Windows and operating cloud kitchens at the same time. And, possibly incorporating wholesale and/or catering operations as well.


365 Commissary Kitchen gives prospective business owners the use of hourly commercial kitchens or Walk-Up Window Restaurants without the massive cost of building and operating a kitchen/restaurant. Our mission is to help culinary businesses grow their businesses with lower risks in a healthy, professional, and supportive environment. 365 Commissary Kitchen handles all aspects of maintaining an immaculate restaurant-grade food establishment so you can focus on what's important: growing your business. 

The facility has lots of restaurant equipment. For example, we have eight hood systems, four walk-in coolers, two large ice machines, three upright dishwashers, four multi-compartment food prep sinks, seven full-size convection ovens, and much much more. 

We have ample free on-site parking and free street parking.  

365 Commissary kitchen is open for business 24/7 and conveniently located close to downtown Portland, only one mile south of the Ross Island Bridge (north of the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood). 

For a rate quote to rent out one of the kitchens that we offer for rent on an hourly basis, please click here. 

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