The Walk-Up Window Restaurant is a brick and mortar. The setting is similar to a food court setting but with outdoor seating rather than indoor seating. The Walk-Up Window Restaurant consists of a dedicated restaurant in the Window area and comes with most of the commonly used restaurant equipment, including Type I hood with fire suppression system. The Window is highly visible overlooking one of Portland’s busiest expressways (SE McLoughlin, aka, 99E) with exposure to an average of 55,000 vehicles per day, 13,000 ridership on the MAX Orange Line light rail, and an average of 16,000 vehicles per day one block north of the property on 17th Avenue.

The Walk-Up Window Restaurants are ideal for companies that would like to combine selling directly to customers through the Windows and operating cloud kitchens at the same time. And, possibly incorporating wholesale and/or catering operations as well.

We have four Walk-Up Window Restaurants available for lease. One Window is leased out to Mac'd, another Window is currently available for lease, and two more Windows are currently under construction but will be available for lease by the end of November 2019.

UPDATE 10/2019:

We are pleased to announce that Romero's Kitchen has leased out one of the available Walk-Up Window Restaurants and is expected to open for business by mid-December 2019. As of now, we have two remaining Walk-Up Window Restaurants available for lease - both are still under construction until the end of November 2019. 

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